Save money and time by batch cooking!

How much time do you spend per week cooking? How much of your life passes you by while you wait in line at McDonald’s for your ‘fast food’? How much money do you spend per week eating out? If you want to learn how to save money and time on food… batch cooking may be the answer. I’ve been batch cooking or doing some form of meal prep for the entire week ever since I was in college. Batch cooking has helped me tremendously and still continues to be a lifesaver for my health, my time, and my wallet. Supplies and recipes at the bottom.

Batch cooking is preparing most or all of your meals and snacks for the entire week or month on 1 day out of the week. What works with your schedule and storage capacity. If you have a large family, you’re probably already familiar with some level of batch cooking. That doesn’t mean you can’t expand or that batch cooking is useless if you live alone or with your partner.

You can either prepare a whole meal… or you can prepare all the components of one meal to keep things fresh throughout the week.

Nutrition Stripped recommends cooking foods dry and adding sauces, dressings, or seasonings later to avoid making them soggy.
from: nutrition stripped


  • Saves you time from cooking throughout the week or month.
  • Your in control of what your eating, so you can eat healthier.
  • Buying and cooking in bulk will save money as ingredients are cheaper in bulk.


I can’t recommend the plastic containers enough if your just starting out, they’re really affordable. I have glass ones I use now. I’ll post some good

3 Great Batch Cook Recipes:

1. Stew a vegetarian chili that feeds a table of six with just five ingredients.

2. Slow-cook Bolognese sauce over pasta or zoodles

3. chicken fajita casserole

Busy Busy Busy! Passive Income Experiment in the meantime.

The past few weeks have been so busy. 😦 Right now, my current team is shipping it’s first major release of our software and I’ve had to work many long hours which have kept me away from… well life. And we’re still not through to the end of it, we have at least another month or so to go until we’re finished. But after we’re done, there will probably be a lull for a week or so. Then there will be a new big push for some 6 month plan. After that another week’s lull, and then another push. It’s a vicious cycle. That’s why I have my eyes set on getting out of the 9-5 as soon as possible.

As few weeks ago, I reported that I achieved a goal of $3 per day passive income across a month from a site I had built. Sine I was expecting may to be busy, I decided to stop pay attention to it altogether and only check once a week. I also decided not to attempt to advertise it anywhere for at least a month, maybe two. My goal is to see how quickly the income dissipates without upkeep. By no means does one website qualify as a proper study… but since I am extra busy at the moment I figured why not. Let’s see what happens. I am still make about $1.50 a day this second month.

Not bad. Not thrilling. But not bad.

I am also planning to finish the second, larger site before the end of the month.

My book is doing alright so far. It’s only sold about twenty copies, or about two a week. No reviews yet. It didn’t start selling until I lowered the price to $3 from $5, which is interesting to note. Overall it’s made just under $30. I’m actually working on two other books right now. Both on Marijuana, one is a general beginners guide and the other is a detailed how to guide on making your own weed butter. I have an amazing secret recipe I have been refining for the past few years. I don’t make it frequently anymore so I’m ready to share it with the world. 🙂

Apartment Garden Update

My garden is really starting to come together. Officially, my apartment garden consists of these types of plants (with links to the exact seeds I am using):

  1. Spinach
  2. Beefsteak Tomato
  3. Strawberries
  4. Goji berries
  5. Green Peppers

Spinach is strong and hearty, so I started it outdoors. After about four weeks half of my seedlings have developed into healthy plants. Today I filled in the gaps with new spinach seeds.

As for the rest of my plants, it’s still yet to cold outside for them to sprout so I have started them indoors. In about 4-6 weeks I will start to condition them to the outdoor climate and then move them outside for the summer.

As you can see, I actually have multiple plants sharing some space in the planters above. I was afraid some seeds might of been ‘duds’ so I planted multiple seeds to minimize my risk of needing to replant (I did not do so with the spinach and I clearly should have! XP). However, my seeds were too good and it backfired. As a result, as they grow I am slowly removing the smaller plants. This way the largest and strongest will have more resources. I have already removed about 4 goji plants and 10 strawberry plants.

I am using a local soil blend mix- and not that miracle grow potting mix stuff. NPK of 10-20-10.

All in all, I was surprised with how well the plants have started so far. I am hoping to have a nice summer harvest of fruit and greens!

Check out my first garden post!



How to make chocolate milk mix at home from scratch! (3 simple ingredients!)

I LOVE chocolate milk. It’s super cheap and easy to make your own chocolate milk mix at home- rather than buying more expensive mix at the store. I buy most of my ingredients in bulk so I already had everything I needed to do this. This recipe makes enough mix to make a bunch of chocolate milks with. You can easily halve or quarter this recipe if you don’t want as much left over.

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How to mix:

  1. Put all ingredients into a jar with a lid
  2. Put a lid on and shake the ingredients until they are well mixed.
  3. To make chocolate milk, add 1-2 Tablespoons of mix to a 8 ounce glass of milk – or as desired.
  4. Stir mix into milk
  5. Enjoy

Hope you enjoy this recipe! *and that it save’s you money on chocolate milk mix! ;)*

Now that I am debt free, all I want to do is quit my day job.

Now that I’m debt free and have saved a few months rent- all I want to do is quit my current job and leave the rat race now. I currently hate the work I am doing, and I feel like my skills are wasting away. It’s amazing how free feeling it is to be about of debt!

I haven’t felt this liberated since I was a child… so since the last time I had no debt. Huh, funny how that works.

Anyways, on top of that, I recently just broke a milestone and am earning a few dollars each day without doing anything through affiliate marketing on another small site I run.

The only reason I haven’t quit my day job is because I only have a few months of rent saved up, and I should really have at least six. Also, I currently make $300 a day at my day job- my passive income revenue is $3/day. I need to improve that. I am also looking to save money to make a down payment on a rental property early next year- which I hope will add another $50-$80 dollars a day depending on the property.

However still, I can’t help the feeling that I am just doing the wrong thing in life as far as my career goes and it’s bugging me. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and coding- I just don’t like the industry. I was happier contributing to research in college and internships rather than supporting corporate applications. Following my anniversary with this company, I may leave the 9-5 sooner than planned to pursue other options later this summer.

It may take me a little longer to save up with a smaller income, but I think the peace of mind will be worth it. We’ll see what happens.

Goal Achieved: $3 per day passive income

In an effort to discover what works and what doesn’t with passive income, I recently decided to give affiliate marketing a try.

I think affiliate marketing is great, but only if you truly believe in the product. I don’t think it’s fair to back a product if you’ve never used it before. That said…

I decided to made a new wordpress site. This site was focused on primarily survival/outdoors gear. I was inspired to make the site to increase awareness for basic emergencies supplies, how to use them, and where to get them. I monetized the site by using affiliate links instead of ads. Such that if a user purchased the product through clicking the link on my site, I would receive a small cut of the sale.


The First Week. Amazon pay’s fees on shipment, not on click.

Everything went great with the site for the first week! The first few days saw several hundred views, and many users engaged with my links. Following the first day, I began to see revenue. All in all, about $30 bucks for the week and I didn’t lift a finger. I also hadn’t yet done SEO or anything of the sort. I was enthralled!! I was officially making passive income.

Why do I say was? Because over the weekend my site was shut down. It was hosted with a free domain, and for some reason the site was blocked. If you look at the image above, there were two days with no traffic, and thus no affiliate revenue.

After reviewing the terms word for word It was not clear to me what I did that was against the terms. So, I contacted customer service. However, I did not and have still not heard back. Defeated, I choose to research my options- as it was clear I could no longer host this site on wordpress (for whatever reason).

After much deliberation, I went with hostgator. I compared bluehost and godaddy as well as a few others, but hostgator provided the best value for the product. So far everything has been great with them. Plus, I can make as many sites as I want. The site is back up over the weekend and is again bringing a few dollars a day. I had to rebuild most of it. XP

Hopefully, it will keep making a few bucks a day. If so, then I may have to expand on my endeavors. It also may stop generating revenue, in which case I would re-evaluate my model.

Either way, I’ve never made passive income before. $3 seems insignificant, but it adds up. Assuming the totally unlikely probability of $3/day everyday for 40 years, that’s nearly $44,000. Assuming every site I make makes $3 a day, I would need to make 50 sites to live comfortably.

Either way, it’s more than just making money! It’s also being savvy with your money!

Next goal: $10 per day!


5 Simple Ways to Save Money

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1. Eliminate your debt
If you are trying to save money but still have debt, pay off the debt first. Not convinced? Add up how much you spend per month on debt, that money can be easily saved instead. Don’t make the minimum payment! 😛 .

2. Establish savings targets
One of the best ways to save money is to visualize what you are saving for. Do you want to buy a house in five years with a down payment of 20 percent? Do you want to open your own business?  Do you just want $1000 or to just be debt free? It’s important to have a vision.

3. Pay yourself 
Set up an automatic debit from your checking account to your savings account each payday. Whether it’s $50 or $500. Put this money away into a savings account until you invest it – or until you retire.

4. Save on the electricity bill
By lowering the thermostat on your water heater by 10 ° F, you can save 3 to 5 percent on energy costs. And installing a water heater on request or without tank can save up to 30 percent compared to a standard water heater with storage tank. You can save hundreds a year just by doing this!

5. Skip the frequent treats
How frequently do you *treat* yourself? By this, I mean buying a coffee or other little pick me ups throughout the day. Even buying a Kit Kat bar in the checkout aisle. All of these little expenditures add up as each day goes by. By the end of the year, if you drink a $4 mocha frappe coffee everyday, you will of spent nearly $1,500! It’s important to treat yourself, but don’t spoil yourself either.