5 Easy Ways to Save Money and Eat Healthier!

  1. Stop buying microwave food! The prices are astronomical. With the same money you could make not only more, healthier, meals at home.
  2. Do not buy more food than you can use or store. Throwing away food gone bade food is the same as throwing away money.
  3. Use a slow cooker for easy, cheap, and healthy meals. Cook steamed vegetables, baked beans, pulled pork, roast beef and more. You will have lunches and meals for the week with one cook.
  4. Stop buying bottled water: Use a glass or plastic bottle that can be reused. Not only will you contribute to the planet, you will also stop spending money unnecessarily. As a bonus, lots of water fountains now have spaces to refill bottles just like this so you don’t have to awkwardly try to fill your bottle.
  5. Take your lunch to work: You’ll stop spending half of your budget for lunch if you start cooking it. And to point #4, make sure to get good quality reusable containers you can wash at home.



3 Master Life Hacks to help you Save Money for the rest of your life!

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When it comes to advice on money, things tend to be repetitive and kind of basic: create a savings account with limited access and put money there, make your own food at home, BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET!

These are of course not bad places to start when it come to being frugal- but it’s easier said than done. Below are some great life hacks that can help you get in the frugal mindset and save money for the rest of your life.

Think In Terms Of Time Spent Rather Than Dollars Spent.

If you have a very relaxed attitude about money, like I many people, then thinking about throwing away $50 on something or other doesn’t disturb you. If that’s the case, then you should start thinking about a purchase in terms of your time rather than in terms of cash. Think about how many hourly wages you will spend on something.

Always have enough Cash to back up any purchase you make, decrease the expense with cashback credit card programs.

Only buy things when you can afford to pay for them in full- take advantage of credit cards cashback offers to save $$ and pay off your bill in full each month. You can save 1-5% on your purchases this way.

Eliminate Impulse buying

Every time you want to buy something, anything… Just wait 1 week. Think about it or don’t think about it. The real goal here is to get out of the mindset of impulse buying. Investing in this good habit will save you money time and time again.

The Minimum Payment Trap

On the outside, minimum payments are made to look harmless and as though they exist for your advantage. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Minimum payments are designed to keep people in spiraling debt.

The lower the minimum payment (relative to the size of the loan), the more interest you will pay.

When you take out any sort of loan loan, there is often a structured loan repayment plant for the duration of the loan. Lower minimum payments are attractive to consumers because they see it as an opportunity to make big, expensive purchases without the need to save up for them. The problem with this model is that on top of paying for the items or commodities in question, you also pay interest on a loan. While this is widely known, what is not widely known is that Minimum payments maximize your out of pocket expenses significantly. 

My friend recently bought a home for a relatively affordable price in Bellevue, Washington. A year or so after buying the home, he found out the house had severe electrical and plumbing issues. He had to take out a second mortgage to gut, fix, and repair the whole house. At first, he was very happy because the minimum amount due per month on the 2nd mortgage was very affordable and would let him fix his abode.

Still, due to the cost of the repairs and materials, he did most of the work himself. I would come over to help him with heavy things or to hang drywall occasionally. One day I came over and he was noticeably upset. I ask him what was wrong, and he told me this:

(paraphrasing) ” I just found out that if I make the minimum payment on my second mortgage, I will pay twice as much across twenty years. I can’t afford to make much more than the minimum payment between other bills, my first mortgage, and student debt. I’m f**king screwed for twenty years. I looked into my other debts and it’s the same thing. I make $100,000 a year, but I can’t save anything because of all of my bills. How can I raise a family without sinking further into the hole?”

He had been lured into the minimum payment trap for the past decade of his adult life. He’s an opportunist. He saw every loan with a minimum payment as an opportunity to buy things he didn’t necessarily need… like the boat he purchased a few years ago. He doesn’t get to spend much time on it. It costs him a few hundred a month and it will continue to do so for years to come.

How do I beat Minimum payments?

The best way to get a head of minimum payments is to not take out loans in the first place. Save your money, then make a purchase. Not the other way around.

What if I already have Minimum payments to make?

Don’t make the minimum payment, even if you can only pay 5% more it will save you in the long run. If you can afford to pay more upfront on the loan, do so. If you can afford to make higher monthly payments, absolutely do so.

What if I have no other options, I need to take out a loan?

Same advice as above, try to put as much down up front as you can. Always pay more than the minimum payment due. Make sure to review the loan terms with scrutiny, some loans have terms that change after five years.

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How to make $30-150 dollars a day making small investments

I’ve been doing so much research on passive income streams that I’m glad it’s a long weekend.  There are literally hundreds of different things you can do that will generate passive income!

A major franchise business or restaurant is a great example of a single source of income, but most need somewhere between $1-2 million in order to qualify. The advantage is your buying into a guaranteed (usually 6 -7 figure) income and business model. Another one is land lording. Buying a house  and renting it for passive income won’t be enough to retire, but a small apartment building might bring in enough to live comfortably.

The average american income is around $50k. After bills and expenses there is not much left to save, even in the best case of saving $25k a year on average. There’s tens of millions who are below the average income in America. Many people are living month to month, unable to save much or at all.

The truth is there are very few single things that you can buy into or invest in that that will give you a guaranteed steady income without first having millions of dollars in the bank. The good news is, it still may be possible to break free within a few years by purchasing lower value investments with lower returns, and amassing 3-4 of these over a period of five years.

There are a franchises that are much cheaper, like Vangaurd Cleaning, ReMax Reality, and Liberty Tax Service. The drawback is the return is not high enough to retire immediately- but it will boost your annual income. They start at $3K, so they could be a good in for some people that don’t have much spare cash. You can also sell them to other investors if invest and don’t think it’s right for you after a while, so that lowers risk.

It seems that the best thing to do is to set up multiple sources of passive income across time. You can’t afford much now. So, you have two options which you must execute in tandem. You must save your money for a long time, and invest in something big. Or, you can save your money for a while and make a series of smaller investments.

By doing this, you can more quickly expand your portfolio of investments. Let’s say your an average American who’s been saving your money for three years. After unforeseen financial impacts, the $75k you should have is in fact $52K. There’s still at least 50 investments you can make today on this list.

If you make an extra $3600 a year from one of those investments, you’ve added 14% to your annual base income. You’d now make $28.5k. Was your last raise that much of an increase?

Now, where did I get $3600 from? If you look each franchise on the list, you see that the net gains are often higher than that

I say $3600 because that is the first milestone you should set- try to make $10 a day via passive income. It’s very likely in the first year you will exceed this. The next goal is $20 a day, then $30, and so on. If you can make $100 dollars a day, you will bring in a considerable amount of passive income.


Assuming you have $50,000 now- or will soon. These two table show business plans based on making small investments. On the left, we assume $10 dollars a day for each investment. On the right, one $20 and three $30. You can make your own and mix and match daily net gains. Please note that investment income should be separate from savings. I deducted 20% for unforeseen expenses. On the right, if you notice, you will bring in $37,000 of passive income annually. That’s more than you make in savings. Two more years of this and you could quit your day job.


How I passed a Hair Follicle Drug Test for a Fortune 10 Company for less than $20 Bucks

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There are millions of people who consume Marijuana and lead active, highly successful lifestyles. I believe that Marijuana has a wide range of benefits- be it recreational or medicinal -without the the harmful side effects of things like Alcohol or Opioids (morphene, codeine, Oxycontin, Percocet). It’s also much more affordable. Unlike pharmaceuticals it’s unprocessed and 100% natural.

I also believe that like any other substance, Marijuana must be consumed responsibly and in moderation. 

Back to the story of how I passed the hair follicle drug test… I got an offer to work in an IT department as an intern for a large corporation in the American Automotive Industry. This offer wasn’t appealing because I wanted to do engineering work and not IT work. The pay also wan’t very appealing, after expenses I was going to net about $2000 dollars for the summer. About two months before the start date, they mailed me paperwork to provide a hair sample for drug test analysis. I had only 72 hours to do the test, and I had smoked frequently in the past few months. Stunned and surprised (and perhaps a little stoned at the time) I began my research for how to beat the test. I figured the risk was worth it because the hair follicle test can detect usage within the last three months, which meant I would definitely fail. Luckily I knew a chemical engineer in college, so I brought in his sage advice from what I learned. We figured out a way to beat the test for less than $20! I am so confident in this method that I had to share my success story! I hope it benefits you as much as it did me!

How the Hair Follicle Test works:

In laymans terms, they essentially take a sample of hair from your body to use to test for drugs. It’s called the hair follicle test because the hair follicle acts like a filter for the blood. Trace amounts of various chemicals will enter the follicle  and become infused into the Keratin (the structural protein that makes up your hair) as your hair grows.

They don’t actually need your hair follicle, so they just take a cut length of your hair very close to the scalp. Usually, at least an inch. If your bald, they will use armpit hair, leg hair, chest hair, and if all else has failed public hair. They then mail it off to the lab where it is tested.

The chemists who perform the test more or less put your hair sample in a solution that washes out all of the chemicals in your hair. Then they test that solution for various concentrations of substances like THC, Amphetamines, Alcohol, and more!

How to pass the test- The Macujo Method + some extra steps:

The Macujo method is essentially the home version of washing the chemicals out of your hair like they do in the lab, except you wont be testing the solution afterwards. I recommend you also shave all other body hair in case they insist on not taking it from your scalp. This method is not a good idea if you have a very sensitive scalp, as it will be irritating!

The main idea behind this method is to both wash the hair and cleanse the cuticles of all waste products, most primarily THC.

I did this process three times because I had both the time and supplies.

You will need (<$20):

  1. Shower Cap  ~$3
  2. White House White Distilled Vinegar 64oz -~$4
  3. Clean and Clear Astringent (Step 2) ~$4
  4. aloe rid nexxus old formula  I used Baking Soda instead. It does the same thing, and is WAY cheaper ~$1
  5. Tide Liqud Laundry Detergent ~$5 – Grab a small one, as that’s all you will need

Application Process:

Be careful not to get any of these substances in your eyes/ears/mouth as they WILL hurt you. Call a medical professional immediately if you do for help. On your skin and scalp, you will be fine unless you are already very sensitive.

  1. Shave all hair on your legs/chest/pits/groin.  This precautionary so you will only need to apply the method to your scalp. Odds are in your favor if you skip this step with a full head of hair.
  2. Wet your hair with warm water over the kitchen or bathroom sink.
  3. Apply and massage Vinegar into your scalp for a few minutes (1-2 cups)
  4. Apply and massage Clean and Clear with the Vinegar for a few more minutes. (1-2 oz)
  5. Using the shower cap, let this mixture stand in your hair for a about an hour.
  6. Take a shower and use Baking Soda  (you can mix it with a small amount of shampoo) in your hair. Mix it well, and let it stand for a few minutes before rinsing.
  7. In the shower, apply Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent to your hair, massage it well and rinse it out.
  8. Do the baking soda one more time, it helps your head heal and keeps your hair soft in addition to being an excellent natural cleanser.

Again, I repeated this process every morning before the test. I did see some people online mention they only did the process once and it worked for them, but I had plenty of product and time to work with so I did it multiple times to be safe.

Link it to your friends if they need to learn how to beat the hair follicle drug test. Feel free to ask any questions and let me know if this works for you in comments. Good luck!

The best way to Save Money this Thanksgiving.

Prioritize your spending on bringing family and friends together. Nothing else is truly necessary. You don’t need the turkey, the stuffing,or the mashed potatoes. You don’t need cranberry sauce and green bean casserole either. Those are nice to haves, but totally not necessary for a complete thanksgiving. Thanksgiving should be a time to be thankful for what we have and the people we can share it with.

That is all. Happy thanksgiving!

let us know what you’re thankful for below / share if you agree 🙂

Goal Achieved: $3 per day passive income


In an effort to discover what works and what doesn’t with passive income, I recently decided to give affiliate marketing a try.

I think affiliate marketing is great, but only if you truly believe in the product. I don’t think it’s fair to back a product if you’ve never used it before. That said…

I decided to made a new WordPress Site. This site was focused on primarily survival/outdoors gear. I was inspired to make the site to increase awareness for basic emergencies supplies, how to use them, and where to get them. I monetized the site by using affiliate links instead of ads. Such that if a user purchased the product through clicking the link on my site, I would receive a small cut of the sale.


The First Week. Amazon pay’s fees on shipment, not on click.

Everything went great with the site for the first week! The first few days saw several hundred views, and many users engaged with my links. Following the first day, I began to see revenue. All in all, about $30 bucks for the week and I didn’t lift a finger. I also hadn’t yet done SEO or anything of the sort. I was enthralled!! I was officially making passive income.

Why do I say was? Because over the weekend my site was shut down. It was hosted with a free wordpress.com domain, and for some reason the site was blocked. If you look at the image above, there were two days with no traffic, and thus no affiliate revenue.

After reviewing the terms word for word It was not clear to me what I did that was against the terms. So, I contacted customer service. However, I did not and have still not heard back. Defeated, I choose to research my options- as it was clear I could no longer host this site on wordpress (for whatever reason).

After much deliberation, I went with hostgator. I compared bluehost and godaddy as well as a few others, but hostgator provided the best value for the product. So far everything has been great with them. Plus, I can make as many sites as I want. The site is back up over the weekend and is again bringing a few dollars a day. I had to rebuild most of it. XP

Hopefully, it will keep making a few bucks a day. If so, then I may have to expand on my endeavors. It also may stop generating revenue, in which case I would re-evaluate my model.

Either way, I’ve never made passive income before. $3 seems insignificant, but it adds up. Assuming the totally unlikely probability of $3/day everyday for 40 years, that’s nearly $44,000. Assuming every site I make makes $3 a day, I would need to make 50 sites to live comfortably.

Either way, it’s more than just making money! It’s also being savvy with your money!

Next goal: $10 per day!

EDIT: GOAL $20 per day ACHIEVED!