Meditation: Practical Steps for Absolute Beginners

This blog has only been up for a few weeks, so I was surprised to see that my last post about meditation techniques blew up over the weekend. Thousands of people from over 70 countries worldwide saw something of value in my post, and then shared it! I hope my readers will find this post equally helpful!

Being a beginner in anything is always the hardest part. These steps will help you focus on Meditating without distraction. Although this post is not meant to be an excerpt from my book, I will be releasing my first book: Meditation Benefits and Techniques for Beginners in just a few weeks! By following my

Meditation is a practical method of improving everyday performance and controlling stress in daily life.  There are a several key elements which can greatly enhance one’s experience of meditation. To a beginner, the steps listed below may seem unimportant, but I can assure you these practices will help you focus.

Step #1:  Designating a quiet secluded place for meditation – a special room or even a corner of the bedroom. Have a cushion to sit on, or a mat.

Step #2:  Choosing a proper time for meditation. This could be early in the morning before starting the day’s activities, or at night. It could be both, or any time in between. The most important thing is to find a time that works well for your schedule and preferences.

Step #3:  Sitting straight posture while meditating. Upright, but not stiff. Allow your limbs to be relaxed.

Step #4:  Preparing physically like taking a shower (or at least washing your face and hands); wearing loose-fitting clothes; taking off one’s shoes. Set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature.

Step #5: Closing one’s eyes for meditating is important for beginners. There are proponents of ‘open-eyed’ meditation, with a candle or a flower as the object of concentration. The sensory perceptions when eyes are open are too powerful for beginners to overcome. In such a situation, the meditation less ineffective. With practice you can do this, but you should avoid it as a beginner.

Step #6:  Increasing the duration of meditation incrementally is the key to success. In the beginning just 5 minutes of meditation, once in the morning and again at night, is generally enough. More than 5 minutes at a time may increase mental tension and be counter-productive. The duration can be gradually increased over a period to 10 minute sessions, and then to 20 and so forth.

By applying these simple steps (not necessarily in the order they are written), you will be on your way to building a good foundation for Meditation. In my upcoming book, I will share more details on various different styles of Buddhist and Hindu Meditation that can be practiced.


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