You’ve gotta fight for your right

I recently moved from one apartment to another a few miles down the road. Until now, all visits to my previous landlord’s office were cordial and fair. Recently however, they sent me a move out bill of $50 because my security deposit alone was not enough to cover move out costs.

Now, I know for some $50 might not be a lot- but as far as I am concerned that’s a weeks worth of groceries. Also, there was one more problem with the move out costs: THEY WERE FRAUDULENT.

The property charged me for an apartment cleaning, a carpet cleaning, and drip pan (stove) cleanings. The total amount of $300 less my $250 deposit. I spent the weekends before I left meticulously cleaning out the place- very careful to take BEFORE and AFTER pictures of the process. This is something I’ve done with every property I have lived in, and this is the first time I needed it.

So, I go to the office to ask them why they made those charges. The manager at the office was hunky dory about it all as she navigated for my file on her computer looking for pictures her staff would of taken of my apartment while cleaning it. After twenty minutes of searching, she discovered there were no pictures. She then told me we would need to wait a few weeks to find the maintenance guy to see if he had them. I told her a week was all the more I would do because that was a bullshit excuse. They were just looking for ways to derail me from getting my money back. I asked her what she would do if I had before and after pictures- as well as video- of me cleaning the property. Her face went white as a ghost but she had no comment. I told them I would be back the following Friday.

I come back the next Friday and no one is at the office but the new front desk girl. Coincidentally, the management decided to be uniformly sick that day. By a streak of luck, the front desk girl was able to connect me to the corporate office. After relaying the same information, the corporate office was much less reluctant to process my refund and apologize about an ‘accounting error’. I received my full $250 back and left in a much better mood.

Moral of the story: Corporations will nickel and dime you, and a lot of people won’t think twice about the money they have been screwed out of. And those that do, will have to fight for it. It’s your right to fight for your money- you earned it. Don’t let some white collar corporate bozos steal it from you.


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