First Sprout!

Two wees ago I talked a little about starting a balcony garden.┬áSince then, I’ve changed it up a little bit in regards to what I am growing. Officially, I am growing Spinach, Strawberries, Goji Berries, Bell Pepper, and Tomatoes. Two weeks ago, I planted Spinach with seeds I bought from home depot. I actually didn’t buy pepper seeds, I used fresh ones from a pepper I got at the store. All the other seeds I purchased online. I am still waiting for the tomatoes to come in and should pot them next week.

Regardless, since I had the spinach seeds ready, I decided to plant a few rows in a flower box on the 24th of March. I was anticipating the last frost to have settled, but it got cold again last week so I was a little worried they may not of made it. Luckily, 4 of the 20 plants popped up today (hehe)! More should follow tomorrow. It’s good to see that they’re growing, as I’ve never grow from seeds before!

Today I planted Strawberries in four small pots, green peppers, and goji berries. I am really excited for the goji berries, as they are amazeballs. Sadly, they will take a few years to product good fruit. Strawberries and Peppers should be ready for summer, but they need to be in a warm environment when they are first growing, so I have them indoors and will move them outside once they start to stalk.

I’m excited to see where this goes! Hopefully, my tomato seeds will be in this week and I can add them to my balcony garden!

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