Busy Busy Busy! Passive Income Experiment in the meantime.

The past few weeks have been so busy. 😦 Right now, my current team is shipping it’s first major release of our software and I’ve had to work many long hours which have kept me away from… well life. And we’re still not through to the end of it, we have at least another month or so to go until we’re finished. But after we’re done, there will probably be a lull for a week or so. Then there will be a new big push for some 6 month plan. After that another week’s lull, and then another push. It’s a vicious cycle. That’s why I have my eyes set on getting out of the 9-5 as soon as possible.

As few weeks ago, I reported that I achieved a goal of $3 per day passive income across a month from a site I had built. Sine I was expecting may to be busy, I decided to stop pay attention to it altogether and only check once a week. I also decided not to attempt to advertise it anywhere for at least a month, maybe two. My goal is to see how quickly the income dissipates without upkeep. By no means does one website qualify as a proper study… but since I am extra busy at the moment I figured why not. Let’s see what happens. I am still make about $1.50 a day this second month.

Not bad. Not thrilling. But not bad.

I am also planning to finish the second, larger site before the end of the month.

My book is doing alright so far. It’s only sold about twenty copies, or about two a week. No reviews yet. It didn’t start selling until I lowered the price to $3 from $5, which is interesting to note. Overall it’s made just under $30. I’m actually working on two other books right now. Both on Marijuana, one is a general beginners guide and the other is a detailed how to guide on making your own weed butter. I have an amazing secret recipe I have been refining for the past few years. I don’t make it frequently anymore so I’m ready to share it with the world. 🙂

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