5 Easy Ways to Save Money and Eat Healthier!

  1. Stop buying microwave food! The prices are astronomical. With the same money you could make not only more, healthier, meals at home.
  2. Do not buy more food than you can use or store. Throwing away food gone bade food is the same as throwing away money.
  3. Use a slow cooker for easy, cheap, and healthy meals. Cook steamed vegetables, baked beans, pulled pork, roast beef and more. You will have lunches and meals for the week with one cook.
  4. Stop buying bottled water: Use a glass or plastic bottle that can be reused. Not only will you contribute to the planet, you will also stop spending money unnecessarily. As a bonus, lots of water fountains now have spaces to refill bottles just like this so you don’t have to awkwardly try to fill your bottle.
  5. Take your lunch to work: You’ll stop spending half of your budget for lunch if you start cooking it. And to point #4, make sure to get good quality reusable containers you can wash at home.



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