Things You Need for Advanced Yoga Practice

As you progress in your yoga practice, you may need some extra equipment to feel more comfortable or to obtain an adequate body alignment.


Yoga blocks will help you get the right alignment, regardless of your level of flexibility. Beginners will need them for the most demanding push-ups. There are blocks of different sizes and materials: foam, cork and wood. I prefer foam Yoga Blocks because they’re lightweight and soft.

Yoga Straps are useful to enhance your flexibility in postures that require stretching to the extremities. They can also help you stay in a posture for a long time. Some yoga straps come with buckles, D-rings, pegs or bras, others come stand alone alone.  Either can work.

Yoga Pillows/Cushions help you support yourself and ensure a correct body alignment in the most demanding asanas. Use them to feel more comfortable and to relieve the tension of the muscles of your back, abdomen and legs. Yoga pillows are available in different shapes, sizes, colors and materials, so you will surely find the one that best meets your needs.

Yoga Sandbags are used to accentuate the stretches with some extra weight. Place one on your stomach to be more aware of your abdominal muscles while you breathe. They can also be used to support or lift certain body parts. Most yoga shops sell them empty, so you can fill them with sand, beans, grains of corn, wheat, or rice and regulate the weight.

There are several accessories for yoga. You can use them all or just some – it depends on how you improve your yoga practice. Good luck!

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