How to get rid of plastic produce bags forever.

Produce grocery bags are terrible for the environment, although that’s probably not news to you. Maybe people have already started using reusable totes to carry groceries- but they still use anywhere from 5-15 plastic produce bags at the grocery store. Not only is this wasteful by design, but plastic waste can cause a multitude of other issues for the environment if  it isn’t disposed of properly because it is not bio-degradable.

What’s worse is plastics are photo-degradable, and as plastics lay in the sun they break down and produce gas through a process known as off-gassing. The sun only speeds this reaction up, it also happens in your home at a much slower rate. These gasses are hazardous to your health! In trying to rid the world hazardous plastics, it’s especially important to recognize we need to eliminate the largest sources of plastic use.

What if I told you there was a way to get rid of plastic disposable grocery bags FOREVER? I mean it. It’s dead simple and hear is how you can do it:

Start bringing your own reusable produce bags to the store!

You can use any of your own bags from home OR you can buy bags like these (image below) from Amazon.

But in order to rid the world of produce bags FOREVER (and ever and ever) I need help spreading this message. Please be sure to like and share this note with your family and friends so they can start help ridding the world of plastic produce bags!

There are some challenges to this- some people are worried about additional cost of their own bags. Most grocery stores have a modern scale that is capable of subtracting the weight of the bag from the weight read on the scale. You can ask your grocer to weigh your bags for you to get the correct offset.

A more formal method would be to buy bags that have a tare weight inscribed on them, like these Produce Bags. My wife and I started using them recently at the grocery store and they worked great! Not only was the cashier able to subtract the bag weight- which is .07 pounds by the way- but EVERYONE LOVED THESE PRODUCE BAGS AND ASKED ME WHERE I GOT THEM!

I got 9 Cotton Mesh bags right here on Amazon for only $19.99 .

But again, if your trying to stay more frugal you can use your own sacks from home. THIS COST YOU NOTHING. I definitely recommend something that is mesh so your food stays fresh and can breathe. I have the bags pictured below and they work perfectly!


Six reasons why produce plastic bags are terrible

Plastic Pollution Outgassing

Plastic Pollution Issues

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