3 Master Life Hacks to help you Save Money for the rest of your life!

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When it comes to advice on money, things tend to be repetitive and kind of basic: create a savings account with limited access and put money there, make your own food at home, BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET!

These are of course not bad places to start when it come to being frugal- but it’s easier said than done. Below are some great life hacks that can help you get in the frugal mindset and save money for the rest of your life.

Think In Terms Of Time Spent Rather Than Dollars Spent.

If you have a very relaxed attitude about money, like I many people, then thinking about throwing away $50 on something or other doesn’t disturb you. If that’s the case, then you should start thinking about a purchase in terms of your time rather than in terms of cash. Think about how many hourly wages you will spend on something.

Always have enough Cash to back up any purchase you make, decrease the expense with cashback credit card programs.

Only buy things when you can afford to pay for them in full- take advantage of credit cards cashback offers to save $$ and pay off your bill in full each month. You can save 1-5% on your purchases this way.

Eliminate Impulse buying

Every time you want to buy something, anything… Just wait 1 week. Think about it or don’t think about it. The real goal here is to get out of the mindset of impulse buying. Investing in this good habit will save you money time and time again.

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