How much do you spend on Coffee?

Do you know how much you spend per week on coffee?  There is calculator at the bottom of the article. Let me know in the comments if you find this interesting!

For many people who live and work in the city coffee is a way of life. The case is especially true for Seattle- where Starbucks Coffee originates.

Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans, which are the seeds of berries from the Coffee plant. Coffee originates in Africa- but is now grown over 70 countries worldwide because of how popular it is. It’s one of the fastest growing multi billion dollar industries in the world and one of the most in demand commodities. I’ll get back to this point and why it matters in a minute.

The coffee craze is driven in part by the fact that people need an extra kick to get them through the day- which I understand completely. I’ve drunken my fair share off coffee and there were times when I was younger I briefly followed the growing Starbucks army.

I would have 2-3 cups of coffee per day. Easily coming to $10 dollars depending on what I would get where. 5 days a week- 50 weeks a year…

I was spending easily $2500 dollars a year on coffee! THROWING IT AWAY.

As soon as I realized this I knew I had to correct my course of action. At the time that was a sizeable amount of income. Now this blog and other projects of mine would cover that cost passively ;). I’m still going to save the money and consider it a double savings for not having spent it.

I had many options in front of me- the most obvious one at the time was to buy a Mr. Coffee and cheap grounds to make at home. However I then learned that some countries will add various things- including ground corn and dirt to ground coffee during coffee shortages (largely brought on by my point above…)

The next logical step was to buy whole beans and grind them myself. I didn’t mind making the one time cost into a high quality grinder– however the reoccurring cost of fresh beans was still kind of high when I compared it to the cheaper ground coffee. So I ultimately decided to cut coffee out of my regular day to day life and I think that was the best decision for me. I could of also reduced my intake but I figured it may be nice to try going without coffee for a while.

However if you still want to drink coffee- buying the beans your self and grinding them at home will absolutely cut your costs down by a factor of 90%. For me, that would mean I’d spend about $250 a year- which is far more manageable. However it also involves much more effort for which my time has been sparse. So I decided to pocket the rest of the money and save the time as well.

monday morning coffee GIF

It actually wasn’t to hard for me to stop drinking coffee cold turkey- but a lot of people do experience withdrawals and get caffeine headaches. So for some it may be a good idea to slowly reduce your consumption first.

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