Baby steps for success

Baby steps. Patience. Vision. Progress.

These four statements above are some rules I follow every day that drive my success. It sounds to simple to be true- but it is.

That’s because most people lack the confidence or willpower to see things through to the end. Many people burn out because they try way to hard way to fast… they don’t take time to appreciate the journey that is life & personal progress and development. That or they don’t consider the breadth or depth of what they want to accomplish, and their lack of foresight prevents them from making progress. (That’s what great mentors are for!)

To prevent burn out and maximize your potential for success in any endeavor- weather it’s personal or another long term project- always consider taking small “baby” steps towards your goal rather than charging a head at it.

Making small progress this way may feel slow, but it’s the best way to maximize your gains without burning out.

Consider the example of learning a new language. First you may try to take a class to grasp the fundamentals, buy a book, and try to map as much of the new language to your own as you can. This is stressful and depends on a lot of short term memorization and continuous practice to maintain- time not afforded in everyone’s schedule.

Rather, you could focus on learning a few new words every day- words for objects you see at work or on the way to work. After a few months as you build your vocabulary day to day you will feel like you have a more natural grasp on it because you’ve take time learn it and not force the information. Begin to work on larger sentences and compound phrases.

I feel like my current experience making money online is a great example…. I saw very little to start and now I am I starting make back my investments and then some. I got burned out in the beginning and I had to stop to focus on other things. Now I manage myself better and I’m making more for doing it!

To visualize the power of baby steps, I love this graph from as it clearly illustrates the power 1% change compounded every day.


Progress requires patience and vision. You have to know where you want to go and you have to understand nothing happens overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day either. Once you’ve completed your goals however, then you have success you can claim your own and nothing is better than that! Especially if you are seeking to improve yourself or your position.

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I also love this comic (featured), it illustrates it the concept well too. Check out more of Sarah Andersen’s comics! Check out her Book Herding Cats!


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