Save money and time by batch cooking!

How much time do you spend per week cooking? How much of your life passes you by while you wait in line at McDonald’s for your ‘fast food’? How much money do you spend per week eating out? If you want to learn how to save money and time on food… batch cooking may be the answer. I’ve been batch cooking or doing some form of meal prep for the entire week ever since I was in college. Batch cooking has helped me tremendously and still continues to be a lifesaver for my health, my time, and my wallet. Supplies and recipes at the bottom.

Batch cooking is preparing most or all of your meals and snacks for the entire week or month on 1 day out of the week. What works with your schedule and storage capacity. If you have a large family, you’re probably already familiar with some level of batch cooking. That doesn’t mean you can’t expand or that batch cooking is useless if you live alone or with your partner.

You can either prepare a whole meal… or you can prepare all the components of one meal to keep things fresh throughout the week.

Nutrition Stripped recommends cooking foods dry and adding sauces, dressings, or seasonings later to avoid making them soggy.
from: nutrition stripped


  • Saves you time from cooking throughout the week or month.
  • Your in control of what your eating, so you can eat healthier.
  • Buying and cooking in bulk will save money as ingredients are cheaper in bulk.


I can’t recommend the plastic containers enough if your just starting out, they’re really affordable. I have glass ones I use now. I’ll post some good

3 Great Batch Cook Recipes:

1. Stew a vegetarian chili that feeds a table of six with just five ingredients.

2. Slow-cook Bolognese sauce over pasta or zoodles

3. chicken fajita casserole

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