Goal Achieved: $3 per day passive income


In an effort to discover what works and what doesn’t with passive income, I recently decided to give affiliate marketing a try.

I think affiliate marketing is great, but only if you truly believe in the product. I don’t think it’s fair to back a product if you’ve never used it before. That said…

I decided to made a new WordPress Site. This site was focused on primarily survival/outdoors gear. I was inspired to make the site to increase awareness for basic emergencies supplies, how to use them, and where to get them. I monetized the site by using affiliate links instead of ads. Such that if a user purchased the product through clicking the link on my site, I would receive a small cut of the sale.


The First Week. Amazon pay’s fees on shipment, not on click.

Everything went great with the site for the first week! The first few days saw several hundred views, and many users engaged with my links. Following the first day, I began to see revenue. All in all, about $30 bucks for the week and I didn’t lift a finger. I also hadn’t yet done SEO or anything of the sort. I was enthralled!! I was officially making passive income.

Why do I say was? Because over the weekend my site was shut down. It was hosted with a free wordpress.com domain, and for some reason the site was blocked. If you look at the image above, there were two days with no traffic, and thus no affiliate revenue.

After reviewing the terms word for word It was not clear to me what I did that was against the terms. So, I contacted customer service. However, I did not and have still not heard back. Defeated, I choose to research my options- as it was clear I could no longer host this site on wordpress (for whatever reason).

After much deliberation, I went with hostgator. I compared bluehost and godaddy as well as a few others, but hostgator provided the best value for the product. So far everything has been great with them. Plus, I can make as many sites as I want. The site is back up over the weekend and is again bringing a few dollars a day. I had to rebuild most of it. XP

Hopefully, it will keep making a few bucks a day. If so, then I may have to expand on my endeavors. It also may stop generating revenue, in which case I would re-evaluate my model.

Either way, I’ve never made passive income before. $3 seems insignificant, but it adds up. Assuming the totally unlikely probability of $3/day everyday for 40 years, that’s nearly $44,000. Assuming every site I make makes $3 a day, I would need to make 50 sites to live comfortably.

Either way, it’s more than just making money! It’s also being savvy with your money!

Next goal: $10 per day!

EDIT: GOAL $20 per day ACHIEVED!


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