How to Meditate when you don’t have the time to

About a decade ago I started to learn about Meditation and Mindfulness. In that time, I have learned so much about myself and the world around me through the benefits of meditation. I’m almost done with a brief ‘How to’ guide that will teach you various Buddhist and Hindu Meditation and Mindfulness techniques. I don’t have a title yet, but I will soon. I am so excited to share my domain knowledge on Meditation with others, that I have to post this excerpt from my book here.

This excerpts from this part of the book are dedicated to all of the hard working people who don’t have time to perform more traditional meditation. Using these techniques, you can still get some of the benefits associated with traditional Mindfulness and Meditation such as increased focus and less stress. With busy 40-60 hour work weeks, these techniques will fit into your schedule easily.

Walking meditation – by far my favourite

The best exercise for all age groups is to walk out in the open. Walking helps the blood to circulate throughout the body and revitalizes you. Early morning or evenings are ideal times to go for a walk. While walking instead of thinking unwanted thoughts, be mindful of your steps and how your legs move one after the other. Think about the rhythm you’ve set to walk. This will help you to be focused.

Start walking meditation by staying still in one place. Be aware of your body weight being transferred to your legs. Think about the soles of your feet and how they’re carrying your weight. Start to walk. Focus on your feet and feel all the sensations as your feet move. Be conscious of how your toes are touching each other and how your socks are keeping them all together. Move up to focus on your ankles and then your calf muscles, knees, thighs and hips. There is no need for you to soak in any feelings. Simply observe them dispassionately.

Breathing exercises

Breath is life; yet we don’t give importance to it. All of us do shallow breathing and land up with several ailments. Deep breathing can help you to resolve half the illnesses. Relax your shoulders and place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly. Inhale deeply and count from 1 to 5. Hold your breath for a second and then exhale. Repeat this for five to ten minutes. This will help to calm the mind and keep you relaxed. It’ll wipe out all negative thoughts and your mind will be fresh to think positive. You can perform this while travelling to work, at office during lunch time and at home. There is no specific time or place to perform deep breathing exercises.

Tea meditation

Getting up early in the morning before sunrise and looking out of your window is a wonderful practice. The first thing that comes to mind on waking up is to drink a hot cup of tea. This humble beverage rejuvenates and keeps you cheerful throughout the day. In case you don’t have time to exercise, meditate or perform yoga take to tea meditation. 

Add a spoon of tea leaves to boiling water and see the color turn golden brown. This increases your thirst to savor it. Add a couple of holy basil leaves (optional) and cardamom to it and feel the aroma wafting all around your kitchen. You can also add a small piece of crushed ginger (optional) to the tea. Strain the liquid once it is boiled.

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