How I passed a Hair Follicle Drug Test for a Fortune 10 Company for less than $20 Bucks

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There are millions of people who consume Marijuana and lead active, highly successful lifestyles. I believe that Marijuana has a wide range of benefits- be it recreational or medicinal -without the the harmful side effects of things like Alcohol or Opioids (morphene, codeine, Oxycontin, Percocet). It’s also much more affordable. Unlike pharmaceuticals it’s unprocessed and 100% natural.

I also believe that like any other substance, Marijuana must be consumed responsibly and in moderation. 

Back to the story of how I passed the hair follicle drug test… I got an offer to work in an IT department as an intern for a large corporation in the American Automotive Industry. This offer wasn’t appealing because I wanted to do engineering work and not IT work. The pay also wan’t very appealing, after expenses I was going to net about $2000 dollars for the summer. About two months before the start date, they mailed me paperwork to provide a hair sample for drug test analysis. I had only 72 hours to do the test, and I had smoked frequently in the past few months. Stunned and surprised (and perhaps a little stoned at the time) I began my research for how to beat the test. I figured the risk was worth it because the hair follicle test can detect usage within the last three months, which meant I would definitely fail. Luckily I knew a chemical engineer in college, so I brought in his sage advice from what I learned. We figured out a way to beat the test for less than $20! I am so confident in this method that I had to share my success story! I hope it benefits you as much as it did me!

How the Hair Follicle Test works:

In laymans terms, they essentially take a sample of hair from your body to use to test for drugs. It’s called the hair follicle test because the hair follicle acts like a filter for the blood. Trace amounts of various chemicals will enter the follicle  and become infused into the Keratin (the structural protein that makes up your hair) as your hair grows.

They don’t actually need your hair follicle, so they just take a cut length of your hair very close to the scalp. Usually, at least an inch. If your bald, they will use armpit hair, leg hair, chest hair, and if all else has failed public hair. They then mail it off to the lab where it is tested.

The chemists who perform the test more or less put your hair sample in a solution that washes out all of the chemicals in your hair. Then they test that solution for various concentrations of substances like THC, Amphetamines, Alcohol, and more!

How to pass the test- The Macujo Method + some extra steps:

The Macujo method is essentially the home version of washing the chemicals out of your hair like they do in the lab, except you wont be testing the solution afterwards. I recommend you also shave all other body hair in case they insist on not taking it from your scalp. This method is not a good idea if you have a very sensitive scalp, as it will be irritating!

The main idea behind this method is to both wash the hair and cleanse the cuticles of all waste products, most primarily THC.

I did this process three times because I had both the time and supplies.

You will need (<$20):

  1. Shower Cap  ~$3
  2. White House White Distilled Vinegar 64oz -~$4
  3. Clean and Clear Astringent (Step 2) ~$4
  4. aloe rid nexxus old formula  I used Baking Soda instead. It does the same thing, and is WAY cheaper ~$1
  5. Tide Liqud Laundry Detergent ~$5 – Grab a small one, as that’s all you will need

Application Process:

Be careful not to get any of these substances in your eyes/ears/mouth as they WILL hurt you. Call a medical professional immediately if you do for help. On your skin and scalp, you will be fine unless you are already very sensitive.

  1. Shave all hair on your legs/chest/pits/groin.  This precautionary so you will only need to apply the method to your scalp. Odds are in your favor if you skip this step with a full head of hair.
  2. Wet your hair with warm water over the kitchen or bathroom sink.
  3. Apply and massage Vinegar into your scalp for a few minutes (1-2 cups)
  4. Apply and massage Clean and Clear with the Vinegar for a few more minutes. (1-2 oz)
  5. Using the shower cap, let this mixture stand in your hair for a about an hour.
  6. Take a shower and use Baking Soda  (you can mix it with a small amount of shampoo) in your hair. Mix it well, and let it stand for a few minutes before rinsing.
  7. In the shower, apply Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent to your hair, massage it well and rinse it out.
  8. Do the baking soda one more time, it helps your head heal and keeps your hair soft in addition to being an excellent natural cleanser.

Again, I repeated this process every morning before the test. I did see some people online mention they only did the process once and it worked for them, but I had plenty of product and time to work with so I did it multiple times to be safe.

Link it to your friends if they need to learn how to beat the hair follicle drug test. Feel free to ask any questions and let me know if this works for you in comments. Good luck!

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