How to make $30-150 dollars a day making small investments

I’ve been doing so much research on passive income streams that I’m glad it’s a long weekend.  There are literally hundreds of different things you can do that will generate passive income!

A major franchise business or restaurant is a great example of a single source of income, but most need somewhere between $1-2 million in order to qualify. The advantage is your buying into a guaranteed (usually 6 -7 figure) income and business model. Another one is land lording. Buying a house  and renting it for passive income won’t be enough to retire, but a small apartment building might bring in enough to live comfortably.

The average american income is around $50k. After bills and expenses there is not much left to save, even in the best case of saving $25k a year on average. There’s tens of millions who are below the average income in America. Many people are living month to month, unable to save much or at all.

The truth is there are very few single things that you can buy into or invest in that that will give you a guaranteed steady income without first having millions of dollars in the bank. The good news is, it still may be possible to break free within a few years by purchasing lower value investments with lower returns, and amassing 3-4 of these over a period of five years.

There are a franchises that are much cheaper, like Vangaurd Cleaning, ReMax Reality, and Liberty Tax Service. The drawback is the return is not high enough to retire immediately- but it will boost your annual income. They start at $3K, so they could be a good in for some people that don’t have much spare cash. You can also sell them to other investors if invest and don’t think it’s right for you after a while, so that lowers risk.

It seems that the best thing to do is to set up multiple sources of passive income across time. You can’t afford much now. So, you have two options which you must execute in tandem. You must save your money for a long time, and invest in something big. Or, you can save your money for a while and make a series of smaller investments.

By doing this, you can more quickly expand your portfolio of investments. Let’s say your an average American who’s been saving your money for three years. After unforeseen financial impacts, the $75k you should have is in fact $52K. There’s still at least 50 investments you can make today on this list.

If you make an extra $3600 a year from one of those investments, you’ve added 14% to your annual base income. You’d now make $28.5k. Was your last raise that much of an increase?

Now, where did I get $3600 from? If you look each franchise on the list, you see that the net gains are often higher than that

I say $3600 because that is the first milestone you should set- try to make $10 a day via passive income. It’s very likely in the first year you will exceed this. The next goal is $20 a day, then $30, and so on. If you can make $100 dollars a day, you will bring in a considerable amount of passive income.


Assuming you have $50,000 now- or will soon. These two table show business plans based on making small investments. On the left, we assume $10 dollars a day for each investment. On the right, one $20 and three $30. You can make your own and mix and match daily net gains. Please note that investment income should be separate from savings. I deducted 20% for unforeseen expenses. On the right, if you notice, you will bring in $37,000 of passive income annually. That’s more than you make in savings. Two more years of this and you could quit your day job.


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