How to save hundreds of dollars on your period (and help the environment!)

*disclaimer* My wife recently got a menstrual cup and it inspired her to write this post. The below is a friendly tip from her! Here’s how to save money by buying a menstrual cup!

There are some inevitable costs in life, due to circumstances beyond our control. One of these is the need to buy pads or tampons every month. The free alternative used for years is to use re-usable cloth pads- but these I personally dislike. They are uncomfortable and can cause irritation- they also need to be washed frequently.

The alternative I have found recently was re-usable menstrual cups. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a small, flexible cup is made of silicone or latex rubber. Instead of absorbing your flow, like a tampon or pad, it catches and collects it to be disposed of later.

To use it, right before your period begins, tightly fold the menstrual cup and insert it like a tampon without an applicator. Used correctly, you shouldn’t feel it whatsoever.

Your cup will spring open (you may need to rotate it first). It forms a seal to prevent leaks. From there, everything drips into the cup. Empty it each night and your good.

Some types are disposable, but most are reusable. To remove it, you pull the stem sticking out the bottom and pinch the base to release the seal. Then you just empty, wash with soap and water, and replace. At the end of your cycle, you can sterilize your cup in boiling water.

The most important thing is to make sure you get a high quality and something that is 100% safe for your body. There are a lot of bad cups out there.

I most highly recommend the LENA Cup. It’s 100% body safe and easy to use. It works well and is durable. The expected lifetime is roughly 10 years and it’s only $25 dollars.

Other methods costs very, but are usually between $10-15 a month. So the cup pays for itself in two months. During the cups life time, you will save about $1800 dollars! During your own lifetime, easily $10,000! You will also be helping environment as you wont be contributing to the waste production of those who use the disposable alternatives.



Baby steps for success

Baby steps. Patience. Vision. Progress.

These four statements above are some rules I follow every day that drive my success. It sounds to simple to be true- but it is.

That’s because most people lack the confidence or willpower to see things through to the end. Many people burn out because they try way to hard way to fast… they don’t take time to appreciate the journey that is life & personal progress and development. That or they don’t consider the breadth or depth of what they want to accomplish, and their lack of foresight prevents them from making progress. (That’s what great mentors are for!)

To prevent burn out and maximize your potential for success in any endeavor- weather it’s personal or another long term project- always consider taking small “baby” steps towards your goal rather than charging a head at it.

Making small progress this way may feel slow, but it’s the best way to maximize your gains without burning out.

Consider the example of learning a new language. First you may try to take a class to grasp the fundamentals, buy a book, and try to map as much of the new language to your own as you can. This is stressful and depends on a lot of short term memorization and continuous practice to maintain- time not afforded in everyone’s schedule.

Rather, you could focus on learning a few new words every day- words for objects you see at work or on the way to work. After a few months as you build your vocabulary day to day you will feel like you have a more natural grasp on it because you’ve take time learn it and not force the information. Begin to work on larger sentences and compound phrases.

I feel like my current experience making money online is a great example…. I saw very little to start and now I am I starting make back my investments and then some. I got burned out in the beginning and I had to stop to focus on other things. Now I manage myself better and I’m making more for doing it!

To visualize the power of baby steps, I love this graph from as it clearly illustrates the power 1% change compounded every day.


Progress requires patience and vision. You have to know where you want to go and you have to understand nothing happens overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day either. Once you’ve completed your goals however, then you have success you can claim your own and nothing is better than that! Especially if you are seeking to improve yourself or your position.

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I also love this comic (featured), it illustrates it the concept well too. Check out more of Sarah Andersen’s comics! Check out her Book Herding Cats!


Simple ways to reduce anxiety without meditation

If you happen to feel anxiety over anything… these simple methods can help you not just reduce your anxiety, but also move past it. This will take time, patience, and practice however. This isn’t traditional meditation- but in many ways it’s similar. It’s great technique if you don’t have much time. You will first focus your thoughts elsewhere to reduce your anxiety. Then you will confront your anxiety directly. It sounds simple, but takes some time to get used to.

If you want to read more about meditation, you can can check out my blog, or even my book! I think mediation is the best way to deal with stress and anxiety, the technique below is great if you have a busy schedule. In the end, I recommend you find ways to  free up your time too. 😉

  1. When feeling anxious about anything, it can be good to look around the room and describe to yourself objects you see. This will help get your mind of what is stressing you out as well as help you regain focus.
  2. If your hearts racing, slow your breathing down by taking deep breaths slowly. This will help reduce your heart rate and calm your nerves. It can take 30 seconds to a few minutes depending on practice.
  3. Finally, once you are feeling calmer and are somewhere comfortable you need to consider the anxiety and what stressed you out about the situation. Confronting things early is a good way to prevent future stress and anxiety. At the very least it presents the opportunity to grow. If doing so causes you more stress take it one day at a time and learn to move past it. Your stress and anxiety isn’t who you are, so don’t get tangled up in it!


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Simple approaches to Midfulness Meditation

6 Habits of Lucky People

5 Simple Ways To Save Money

Bill Gates thinks we need new economic models



The 6 Habits of Lucky People

My grandfather was one of those people who just seemed naturally lucky. In the 1970s and ‘80s, he regularly won prizes like cash, a trip to Brazil, and free food. He also always seems to get the best jobs or always be in the right place at the right time.
Was he truly lucky in the metaphysical sense? Probably not. Luck is about as real as you believe it to be. His lifelong winning streak was more likely the result of his habits. I have found that “lucky” people generally have some specific personality traits that also make them highly effective go-getters.


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** if the image won’t load for you **

1. They Work hard and they play harder.

2. They are always teaching others and willing to learn.

3. They are mindful and give 100% to everything.

4. They invest in others, and themselves.

5. They love to explore and always stay curious.

6. They love to compete and share their adventures through storytelling.


How to save money on auto insurance with this easy trick!

This simple trick could help you save hundreds of dollars per year!

Most people pay month to month for their auto insurance. You probably do as well… you probably didn’t even know you had another option.

Most car insurance companies will also let you pay your entire insurance bill at a steep 20-30% discount if you do it all at once and not month to month. They don’t advertise this because the can make considerably more when you pay month to month.

That means if you pay $140 a month, you could easily be paying $110 a month instead. That’s another $360 dollars in your pocket you can put to work making money for you.

In my mind, every dollar saved is a dollar earned. Especially for things like auto insurance which your required to carry if you drive on public roads. The above example is for my auto insurance.

It’s good to note that not all car insurance companies do this- but it’s a common practice and you should check with your insurer to see if you could be saving money.

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Goal Achieved: $20 in one Day Passive Income!

Last April I posted $3 a day income goal. This was a huge milestone for me as through various passive income I paid my initial blogging setup costs back in one month’s time. This doesn’t account for my book’s income- just affiliate marketing.

This went well for the next month, and the month after that, and so on fairly steady some passive dollars came my way. SURPLUS! I bought another website domain for another project, And then another web- then I got caught up with work- and I stopped contributing to my blog and all of my passive income projects. Doing so has made me realize how important it is to share as much as I can about what I’m learning in regards to what works and what doesn’t with affiliate marketing… so I’m trying to figure out the ins and outs of it all- which I’ll share on this blog.

Fast forward to the past few months- I’m nearing completion on a those personal projects and getting back into this passive income blogging experiment. I never thought I would make back by $100 WordPress investment. Since then, I have built a bunch of different sites using ASP.NET and react and have learned a lot which I plan to share in post in the future. I’ve also moved most of my new work to Azure- which has been awesome.

In getting back in the habit of posting content I noticed an interesting trend. The week following my break from posting articles my passive income quickly returned to $2 a day. I’ve since posted several more articles which have gotten a lot of visibility through search engines and other websites and now I’ve hit $10 and $20 dollar days via blogging!

I’m not going to pop open the champagne yet though- my next goal is to get $10 (and then $20) a day consistently. And then to try and peak at $50 a day.

This is only income from my Amazon Affiliate links.

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Bill Gates thinks we need new economic models

Nearly forty years ago Bill Gates, along with Paul Allen, founded Microsoft. Since then Microsoft has been a driving force in the software, enterprise, and IT industries. He’s also one of my personal heroes.

He posted this note on his blog after reading “Capitalism Without Capital” by Jonathan Haskel and Stian Westlake.

Gates points out that the intrusion of software into the industry that was previously driven by tangible goods the world needs to rethink economic models. He points out in the below image of the Supply/Demand model that this is how he was taught the economy worked.

It’s not entirely untrue, but this model doesn’t work for software anymore- because software can be deployed and shared anywhere for little to no cost. Rather than things like cars- which require materials and people to assemble each one. Software is also no longer very transferable- with many companies moving to subscription based models requiring you to log in to the software for access. As such, you can’t sell used software easily anymore. But you could still sell your car.

Regardless… the blog post is great and you should check it out: Gates on Gates Blog

I’m going to check out Capitalism w/o Capital! When I finish it I’m going to post my perspective on it, as I wonder- between job loss and other things- exactly how the worlds economy will evolve in the coming decade.


Gates on Gates Blog